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Baby Bolster


Bolster Story is a classic JRPg similar to Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Earthbound(Mother). You star as Chouko aka "Baby Bolster", a humanoid deity character in a world filled with NPCs, Monsters, an Mayhem caused by a Moth and a Dog. You travel around the world solving puzzles, collecting skills, and battling monster scurrying about.

"Imagine following a Moth into a clock or mechanical computer; As the Moth and dog's antics wreck parts of the clock or add an interesting mechanic, you gain abilities and must progress to the core of the environment to catch the two and stop the mayhem!"


You start off in a village near a Shinto-inspired Shrine and are entrusted with the duty of protecting the grounds, which hold a clock/computer and goes deep underground. You must find and fight a moth responsible for wrecking and bringing chaos into the many different chambers around the shrine grounds. Finding and purifying many different characters that have been transformed into monsters and beasts leads you around the grounds and gives you riddles and clues that help you find and restore different parts (both mechanical and energetic) to the shrine and surrounding areas. Bring peace and prosperity back to the land by fighting monsters, going on scavenger hunts, and interacting with characters to solve riddles and explore the Shrine grounds.


Baby Bolster

Moth: "..."
Dog: "What's that! What is it! Woof! Bork!"
Baby Bolster: "Should we follow that dog or the Moth?"