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Welcome to the Rising Tide Konna Wiki

We are a Game Development Institute creating computer games to teach Language, Logic, and Magic.

Planned Games

Bolster Story

Bolster Story

Rising Tide

Rising Tide will be an MMO set in the Konnarian Realm. Players will be able to customize a character, fight monsters, and craft items such as weapons, furniture, food, and clothing. There will be an ongoing story that all the players can participate in, as well as moderators and admins with special abilities to make more content and move the story forward.

Voyage of the Beagle

Voyage of the Beagle will be an exploration and puzzle game with a marine theme. You play the role of a young explorer who lives in an Ocean Laboratory with a few crew members. You must explore the marine life, and research geological animosities which will uncover some truly bizarre and dangerous realms. Among the missions, you come across an abandoned automated military base with aquatic drones and research facilities, as well as discovering portals to other universes.

Hinterland Road

Hinterland Road is a game in which you take the role of a new magic student. You must learn the four basic elements that make up all magic, and use this to balance ecosystems. Upon your first lesson, a spy infiltrates the academy. You must protect the source of the academy's magic, but upon doing so, you are thrust into an alternate reality and must find your way back home.